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Spokesman-Review: Green Barn Farms Bruce Banner No. 3 Reviewed



The bright fresh floral aroma comes on strong as soon as the package is opened. I’ve anticipated this with other high-quality varieties but Bruce Banner No. 3 is the first to deliver with such power. The sensation is an earthy, peppery spice that rounds out the olfactory sensations.

FLAVOR: A little sweetness translated to a very smooth smoke with the taste of a mild hashish. Tastes blended the sweet from Strawberry Diesel and the hash flavor from the OG Kush.

Bruce Banner No. 3 In Full Flower

APPEARANCE: The texture is that of a nice tight bud at just the perfect point of dryness. An interesting aspect was the tight little balls of every flower that make up the entire bud. These didn’t break up easily so the grinder had to be employed which brought out even more lovely smells.

EFFECTS: After the second hit the effects kicked in quickly to provide a comfortable, dreamlike daze. Thoughts came easily and clear but I found myself getting lost in the shadows of the pen on paper. Fine motor skills still worked well when I tried to write, although after awhile, I realized my time seemed better spent by just sitting back and enjoying the ride.

After about 45 minutes this phase gave way to an energetic cerebral high accompanied by an overall relaxation.

Being a hybrid of hybrid parents, Bruce Banner provides a balanced combination of Kush and Strawberry Diesel traits: nothing overpowering but with a fresh fruity character on top, over earthy undertones.

The cannabis grown by Green Barn Farms is sun-grown and certified Clean Green Certified.

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