Introducing Tonasket High Country

October 24, 2016

We are a family owned farm dedicated to sustainable and natural practices. Our product is sun grown, in the ground, 100% from seed, pesticide and chemical free. We harvest local microorganisms, grow our own mulch, and  make our own compost teas from ingredients found on our 60 acre farm and from the surrounding wilderness.


The farm is located at the base of Whitestone Mountain in the Tonasket Highlands. The extreme climate and biodiversity of the desert highlands are responsible for our pest and disease control. Any steps possible are made to encourage biodiversity of the soil and local ecosystem and harness the local bio intelligence for nutrition and pest and disease control. Since our plants have all the natural goodness they need to thrive, our buds are dripping with fully developed terpenes creating unique and potent flavors and aromas.


Strain descriptions


High Country GSC– A 50/50 Indica/Sativa blend with a pleasant soaring high and a sweet and earthy aroma. Our GSC relaxes your entire body and inspires the mind. Our stickiest strain.

Butterscotch Hawaiian – A mostly Indica variety with extremely high THC levels that is great for chronic pain and relaxation. It has a delicious butterscotch taste and a fragrant aroma.


Super Silver Haze – A mostly Sativa variety with a sweet haze taste, extremely fragrant citrus aroma, and a trippy energetic high.


Purple Afghani –  Indica/Sativa blend with a delectable fruity purple with a floral aroma. Beautiful rainbow buds with blends of purple and green, some buds even vibrantly dark purple. A really inspirational and pleasant high that won’t give you couch lock.


Sweet Tooth – Mostly Indica, Sweet Tooth is great for both appetite stimulation and pain and relaxation with a sweet candy taste.

Blueberry Durban –Mostly Indica, the Bluberry Durban is a beautiful rainbow colored plant with mostly purple buds. Very berry and fruity aromas and a relaxing high.


Harlequin – Mostly Sativa and known for its medical benefits and pleasant body high with an average 1:1 THC to CBD ratio. Harlequin smells reminiscent of musky, sweet pineapples and coats the mouth with a rich taste of Nepalese blond hash and berries. 


Jack Herer – Mostly Sativa, Jack Herer has an award-winning flavor of strong peppered Haze spiced with a delicious dash of fruity skunk and the effects have a quick onset with a strong uplifting cerebral high and a giggly edge. Definitely one for the connoisseur.


CBD God – Indica dominant medicinal strain with a minimum of 4% CBD, along with CBD to THC ratios averaging around 1:1 with as high as 4:1. Vibrant bright pink pistils form when growing and darken to  a more reddish hue when mature, this is a beautiful plant to grow along with strong medicinal qualities. Big round dense buds, some of it may not have any CBD’s and another strain name will be necessary. The buds are a beautiful green, purple mix and smells subtle and delicious, definitely and indica.


Lemon OG -- A heavy hitting fruity, Bright green, very frosty indica with a strong citrus smell and delicoulsly tangy smoke.


Purple Afghani –  Indica/Sativa blend with a delectable fruity purple a floral aroma. Beautiful rainbow buds with blends of purple and green, some buds even vibrantly dark purple. A really inspirational and pleasant high that won’t give you couch lock.

Mango – Indica/Sativa blend with nice frosty green buds. Packs a powerful high with a distinct mango flavor and subtle mango aroma.


Northern Lights – Indica/Sativa blend with a strong hashy and tropical flavor and strong smell. Crystal covered buds and a legendary high. Colorful buds.


Mountain Mist – Indica/Sativa blend with high resin content and a wonderful, strong fruity musky aroma, smooth taste and a pleasant, uplifting high. This strain has a low THC percentage but one would never know it based on effect or appearance. It is my favorite to smoke, big frosty buds and very potent medicinal effect relieving stress and pain as well as being positive and inspirational.

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