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High Above Seattle MJ Review: Jack Herer

Below is reprint of orginal article found here.

Another review, another chance to spread the word on Green Barn Farms. We’ll be taking a close look at the Washington producer’s iteration of Jack Herer. The bud was procured fromHashtag (located in Fremont, on Stone Ave – charming ol’ purple building), and recommended by the fine budtenders that work there.

Green Barn Farms is a environmentally conscious marijuana producer, meaning they strive to grow in the most natural way possible. No chemicals, no energy draining lights – just dirt, and sun. The owners want to set an “environmental and social benchmark” for the industry by limiting greenhouse gas emissions, and supporting their community “by donating 4.20% of profits to local charities”. Learn more on the GBF website.

Let’s talk specifics on the bud:

THC: 1.30% THC A: 17.2% CBD: 0.13% Total: 16.4%

Strain: Jack Herer Species: Sativa Smell: Intense Pine + Barnyard + Lavender Taste: Soap + Lemon Launch Point: Almost immediate. High: Relaxing + Creative + Good Vibes mon

Look at those dense nugs. All roasted, toasted, and covered with love. A mix of tropical and deep forest greens atop an antler. Lately I’ve gotten into the habit of stacking my buds when taking a photo op, something about creating a cairn of cannabis makes me happy.

The smell was, in a word, voluptuous. Like the cartoons where the beckoning scent of a hot pie on a window literally draws you in, Jack Herer has a scent that demands attention. The pine is unmistakable, giving way to hints of hay and flowers.

Smoking the strain yielded a particularly lemon taste, carrying over from the pine smell. The flavor was, as usual, stronger out of a vaporizer then out of a pipe.

Getting high with Jack Herer is truly a relaxed experience, you’ll feel like a smooth operator with any task, or situation. The creativity runs strong with this strain, embrace your interests and let them go forth.

A good sativa gives you a fresh, airy buzz – and this nug does just that. When smoking this strain, I’d often use it as a “pick-me-up”. After enjoying a few sessions throughout the day, Jack Herer would be the bud to shake off the scales of burnout – and power through to a second wind. There was really no getting tired after smoking this strain, hit it and go. Keep going.

Green Barn Farms have, once again, bestowed an affordable and potent product. Check out their website’s store locator page to find the closest distributor to you.

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