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Marijuana Review: Huckleberry Mountain GSC by Green Barn Farms

GSC stands for Girl Scout Cookies, and time after time I’ve been told that Cookies are the only form of strain worth smoking. Personally, I feel that all strains have a time and a place that they are worth smoking… but let’s just say that if I ever spy a bargain strain with Cookies in the title, I’ll go for it.

I picked up 2 grams for $20 of Huckleberry Mountain Girl Scout Cookies (or GSC for short) fromHashtag Cannabis, located on Stone Way in Fremont (right North of Seattle). The bud was made by Green Barn Farms, and I actually wrote about being stoned on this strain at the Fremont Oktoberfest (great times).

Green Barn Farms bills themselves as growing product that is “way beyond organic”. It’s clear they have some superb strains, and the co-op represents a growing formation of quality driven farmers.

You may ask yourself – what does “way beyond organic” mean? Luckily, Green Barn Farms have a nifty page on their site detailing how they lead the charge: 100% natural, tested and certified, sun grown, patient curing process, and locally sourced soil amendments. Couple these standards with a portion of profits donated to schools and charity, Prius delivery vehicles and – yeah, you get the picture. These growers don’t mess around.

It brings me great pleasure to bring you the specifics:

THC: 0.47% THC A: 23.9% CBD: 0.85% Total: 21.4%

Strain: Huckleberry Mountain Girl Scout Cookies Species: Sativa Smell: Sweet + Skunk + Lemon Taste: Lemon + Pine + Carrot Launch Point: 4-5 minutes after smoking High: Uplifting + Euphoric + Energizing + Good for a Distraction

This strain has an intense crystalized looked to it The emerald green herb is literally coated in white (as you can see from the photos). I was pleased with the nugs inside the package, albeit the bag being gigantic for only holding 2 grams.

Talking about smell, Huckleberry Mountain GSC has a sweet, skunky lemon fragrance that could wake the dog up (and believe me, that pooch sleeps soundly… it takes a mighty stink to jolt him from his slumber).

The lemon taste carries over from the smell, but there is a distinct piney scent as well. This strain would go well with an IPA (or any beer really, hence the Oktoberfest thing).

I bought Huckleberry Mountain Girl Scout Cookies from Hashtag, which is located less then a block away from Stone Way cafe. The reason why I say this (or type this) is because Hashtag had an exclusive deal with Stone way cafe – 10% off your purchase at the cafe IF you have a receipt from Hashtag.

After going home to sample the new strain, we then walked back to the downtown Fremont area. We deciding to capitalize on the 10% deal, and had an excellent breakfast sandwich at the Stone Way cafe. Some strains will give you the craving for a good meal, and Huckleberry Mountain GSC did not disappoint in that department.

My favorite experiences revolve around traversing through the neighborhood, and it’s quite pleasant to live in a place where I can buy marijuana, breakfast sandwiches, and libations in the same area. Not to mention some sort of loyalty discount on top of it. Oh, and did I mention you can bring your Stone Way cafe receipt to Hashtag and get 10% off your weed purchase? Yup.

Thanks to Green Barn Farms for the splendid strain, looking forward to the next sample we come upon.

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