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Legally grown pot has a huge pesticide problem

Vice just published an article that gives comprehensive coverage of the issues facing pesticide use in commercially grown marijuana. The article follows on the heels of an June expose by The Oregonian on the huge pesticide loads found on medical marijuana in the state, even on so called organically grown marijuana. And in April, more than 60,000 legal recreational marijuana plants were quarntined in Colorado due to heavy use of an unauthorized pesticide.

The problem stems from not having federal government oversight on pesticide use since marijuana is still illegal in their eyes. The USDA and other federal agencies have traditionally been responsible for authorizing pesticide, fungicide and herbicide. So states are now left to their own devices and the result is a patch work of uneffective and unclear regulations which leave consumers confused and more importantly unprotected.

Consumers can protect themselves by getting educated on the subject, then demand organically grown marijuana. Legalization should lead to regulation, transparency and greater protection, but it will take time. It may take the federal government to legalize marijuana which could take a decade or more.

In the short term, consumers should look for marijuana that is Clean Green Certified or Certified Kind. Both are offer marijuana producers an organic-like certification process, complete with strict restrictions on all pesticides, fungicies and herbicides. In addition, both conduct annnual onsite inspections and testing to ensure compliance.

Marijuana products that are certified by these organizations are currently available on recreational shelves in Colorado ( and Washington (, and medical dispensaries in Oregon and California.

Protect yourself. Educate yourself. Read on.

VICE--Legally Grown Pot Still Has a Toxic Pesticide Problem

Oregonian--A tainted high: Lax state rules, inconsistent lab practices and inaccurate test results put pesticide-laced pot on dispensary shelves

9News--Denver pot sales blocked over unapproved pesticides

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