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Our friends @Tantalus Labs made front page of BC's The Province. They are building an epic marij

The entrepreneurs behind Tantalus Labs describe their 115,000-square-foot purpose-built cannabis greenhouse as the first of its kind in North America, with a horticultural approach they say will produce a better, more sustainable sun-grown product with a substantially reduced energy footprint. Tantalus directors Dan Sutton and Alexander Close took The Province on an exclusive tour of the soon-to-be completed marijuana facility in Maple Ridge. Click on image below for full story.

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Here is the letter sent by Dan Sutton, the Founder of Tantalus Labs:

Special friends of Tantalus Labs,

I am very proud of this momentous day. The largest newspaper in our province has seen fit to showcase our message of technology, agriculture, and environmental stewardship on their front page. Across British Columbia today, millions of eyes will glance across our story and get their first taste of a sungrown future for cannabis.

This is a massive milestone for Tantalus Labs. Full credit must be given to Alexander Close, our Creative Director, and his diligent work on public outreach. This article is not a puff piece, but rather an objective telling of facts considering several different perspectives. Our story will stir contention, and initiate dinner table debate that would not have otherwise taken place. I am immensely proud of what we are building, and the work that all of you put into advocacy and support is critical to our ongoing success.

The fact is that today, 90% of cannabis in North America is still grown indoors, under synthetic light. Millions of bulbs, gigawatts of power, and billions of tonnes of carbon are spewed into the atmosphere to enable an inferior production methodology. This is nothing less than a crisis, and you can be a voice in the solution. The future of cannabis, and agriculture in general, is sungrown. Please stand and be heard.

Myself and my team are humbled by your support.

Thank you,

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