August 4, 2017

Latif's Chai Khana 


The old truck rumbled into Herat revealing a scene from another time.  The street was alive with a culture carrying on as it had for centuries.  Brightly painted tongas pulled by sleek horses decked out in feathered headdress and mirrored bridles were a common form of transportation. Water vendors with full goat skins wet and cool offering drinks in the mid day sun.  

For the last month we had been traveling across Western Asia seeing many new and fascinating cities and countryside but this town felt like a destination, of finally reaching a place that fit my idea of the purpose of coming all this way.  It was true that it was 1973 all over the world.  It was present and the future was making...

May 10, 2017

Another review of hashish from Green Barn Farms.  This time, along with my assistant K.C., we set out to delve into the mysterious constituents that make up the entire experience in smoking this wonderful concentrate.  By listing the various characteristics, I hope to bring out an awareness of what can be offered by this sample of Wild Thai.

Visually, this piece appeared a smooth,dull dark chocolate.  Thin with consistent color all the way through. To the touch it was hard and not pliable, and very hard to cut a piece off to smoke.  But after being heated on the needle, it became fluffy and crumbled nicely into the bowl.  While being heated it was a good time to take in the olfactory sensations while also looking at the clean blue flam...

March 15, 2017

As promised in the last posting we are taking a break from traveling in the past and arriving in the present to review two distinctly different strains of hashish.  Stephen from Green Barn Farms asked me to try a few of their varieties and compare them to the Old World hashish that I tried while traveling to the hash producing countries in the 1970's.  Although this might sound like a fun task to undertake, I have taken my assignment seriously and will do my utmost to do a thorough job.

One of the best things to come out of the legalization of cannabis is that a wide variety of hashish is now available to the connoisseur.  In my experience it seemed like the presence of hash in the black market was pretty limited or of very poor qualit...

February 26, 2017

Before we move on further East I would like to fast forward to the fall and harvest season when I returned to Turkey.  I was camped out on a quiet bay on the southwest coast and met up with a Turk of dubious character but with large quantities of freshly harvested powder of what is still erroneously called pollen hash or kif.  It is neither one of these things but we can address that at another time.  The point of this digression is to describe how these fresh tricomes are pressed into hash when you are living on a hillside above a clear calm ocean in the month of October.

Sutka would show up in the evening to visit around the fire.  He smoked cigarettes and always had a pack with him.  He would also always have a few grams o...

February 7, 2017

Its 1972 and Rick travels to Europe to explore the origins of hashish.

January 20, 2017

We won't go as far back in history this time and though nearly a half century may seem to some as ancient times this span just covers my own history with hashish.

1968 was an eventful year worldwide and a definitive one for a 15 year old living in Southern California.  The Vietnam war was raging, with protesters filling the streets and college campuses.  Dr King and Robert F. Kennedy were shot, the Democratic Convention in Chicago exploded and stayed in the news even after Nixon was elected president and began the War on Drugs.  So for anyone with their eyes open it was a time of change and for new experiences.

I began smoking pot early that year and knew from the start that it was a perfect fit for shaping my thoughts in musi...

January 4, 2017

Rick's World of Hashish first blog entry covers some history of this magical cannabis concentrate

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