Hello from Green Barn Farms!  We are a cooperative of pioneering legal organic marijuana farmers growing quality, tasty fire for the masses. We farm Clean Green Certified, Sun Grown Cannabis using organic inputs and sustainable farming techniques.
You can find our all natural and sustainable cannabis products in retailers in Washington state.  

Green Barn Farms

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What makes Green Barn Farms cannabis special?


1) 100% natural, 0% compromise--from our organic fertilizers to natural pest controls


2) Tested and certified--our farms are annually 3rd party tested and certified to levels well beyond the organic standard for produce. Click on the Clean Green Certified and Certified Kind logos for more info. 


3) Sun grown sustainable--powered by nature, not the grid means a light carbon footprint


4) Slow cannabis is better cannabis--from the long cure to hand trimming, we don't rush a thing to bring you the best experience possible


5) We give back--4.20% of profits will be donated to local charities, schools and more each year


6) Leading edge sustainable land management--we care about our land and our neighbors so we minimize water use and keep runoff to an absolute minimum


7) Pastured cannabis? Our plants are field-raised using living soil--surprisingly rare among pot farmers but we think this makes for unique and flavorful cannabis


8) Locally sourced organic soil amendments--others bring inputs from far away locales but ours are derived primarily from local sources


9) We love brewing our own live organic compost teas--makes for healthy and robust plants and tasty bud


10) Even our delivery vehicles are green--we've added well loved Prius delivery vehicles to our fleet to lower our carbon footprint


And that's not all...worm castings, killer ladybugs, probiotic soil enhancements, cover crops, predatory mites, no-till farming, companion plants, etc...we keep exploring the limits beyond organic, so you get the cleanest, greenest, feel-good weed available


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Stick Figure Smiles On Faces Music Video
Stick Figure Music Organic Cannabis Marijuana
Lady bugs are excellent hunter killers on marijuana cannabis plant pests

January 4, 2017

Rick's World of Hashish first blog entry covers some history of this magical cannabis concentrate

December 9, 2016

Jeff from Seattle Bliss takes a look at our Purple Diesel. He discovers what makes our all natural and sun grown cannabis unique: complex and deep aromas and flavors. Enjoy.

October 24, 2016

We are a family owned farm dedicated to sustainable and natural practices. Our product is sun grown, in the ground, 100% from seed, pesticide and chemical free. We harvest local microorganisms, grow our own mulch, and  make our own compost teas from...

Legal recreational marijuana is now on sale in a handful of states.  And consumers are just starting to look beyond their (or their budtenders) fascination with THC levels and attractive buds.

Consumers with an eye for eco-friendly products are s...

This article is reproduced courtesy of Hooked Up In Seattle which features blog posts on adventures in the new legal cannabis world


Shortly after the opening of recreational marijuana stores in Washington, I had my first experience with sungrown cann...

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Another review, another chance to spread the word on Green Barn Farms. We’ll be taking a close look at the Washington producer’s iteration of Jack Herer. The bud was procured fromHashtag (located in Fre...

GSC stands for Girl Scout Cookies, and time after time I’ve been told that Cookies are the only form of strain worth smoking. Personally, I feel that all strains have a time and a place that they are worth smoking… but let’s just say that if I ever s...

July 17, 2015

Vice just published an article that gives comprehensive coverage of the issues facing pesticide use in commercially grown marijuana. The article follows on the heels of an June expose by The Oregonian on the huge pesticide loads found on medical mari...

July 9, 2015

Spokesman-Review reporter Becky Kramer paid a visit to Green Barn Farms' co-op member Mountain High Organics to cover the organic-like certification of the the marijuana farm called Clean Green Certified.


The below article -- Seal of Appro...

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Clean Green Certified. Organic marijuana cannabis sun grown sustainable
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At Green Barn Farms ladybugs are employed to control pest insects. While they look cute, they are really killers.