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The Story of Green Barn Farms

Green Barn Farms was conceived by two Washington state cannabis farmers in late 2014. Both farmers--Jerry Lapora and Brian Crawley--agree on three things.


First, they see eye-to-eye on growing the most natural marijuana available. They want to lead the way out of decades of energy and chemical dependent indoor growing operations and return marijuana cultivation to its agricultural roots. They want to be farmers in the purest sense--growing in dirt and under the sun.


Second, they want to set an environmental and social benchmark for this new legal marijuana industry. Although marijuana can't be labeled organic due to federal regulations, they want to show a committment to growing the purest, most natural product possible and have it backed by Clean Green Certification. They also want to include a broader set of environmental principles in their operations. Like minimizing our carbon footprint. Or, treating our land, soil and water with care and long term sustainability in mind. Or, giving back to the community by donating 4.20% of profits to local charities.


Finally, they agree it should be a farmers owned cooperative designed to support small cannabis farms in states where marijuana has been legalized. The co-op will accomplish this by sharing best growing practices, providing logistical support and advocating for all natural, sun grown cannabis. 


Green Barn Farms cannabis products are available at fine retailers across Washington. Visit the "Where To Buy" page for locations near you. We are also looking to recruit other like minded farmers in Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Alaska.


Brian from Mountain High Organics. Organic Sun Grown Marijuana Cannabis.
Tonasket organic marijuana cannabis sustainable sun grown
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